Yoga Upanishad

Teaching about Yoga

The ultimate target of our life.

As Yoga is the yoke,
the small plight of the gods.

As Yoga is the visible
costprice for the gods
of every adept.

As Yoga is divided in three.
As Yoga is attainable by three.

First the price of peace,
is the act of goodness.
Being the source of humanity in peace.

First the price of peace,
is deeds of compassion, deeds of sustaining earth.
Being the source of compensating debt.
For the debt gives difference.

The second is the price of truth.
The price of truth, as the source
to learn all lessons, to fullfull all duties.

The second is the price of serousness.
Which leads to unity with reality.
And the price to endure all suffer,
as the debt to the lord of the soul.

The third,
as one has relieved the debt of the life and soul,
one starts to be in service to the Godheads.

As the third one gets closer to the gods,
As no other source is wished for.

As the Third, is prayer,
and by prayer one loves the godheads,
and the godheads answer with gifts.

As The third, one says you may not
ask the gods anything for your own wish,
but i say, even in your own interest
one reaches the goal.

For in self-interest the last prayer
is to surrender, to selfsacrifice.
As the ultimate costprice, as the ultimate
gift to the godheads.

As one says,
reaching the goal for grace of others,
ends when not anymore around them.
As reaching te goal for yourself,
gives an eternal sacrifice in prayer.

As three forms of plight tell the truth,
As three tasks of labor gives the goal.
As three special wishes, give the purpose

As being the non-doer,
As being the eternal observer,
As being in line with universe.

As this all begins with the yoga of threefold path.
As the last step is to surrender.

As surrender is the goal of service,
As reality is the goal of meditation,
As relief of suffering is the goal of karma.

As the gods say,
is it odd, to reach the goal by self-interest.

As the gods say,
is it odd, to have yourself as the goal to attain.

As the gods say,
each prayer, each gift as special prize,
each prayer, gives a step to the goal.
Of yourself as the costprice to the godheads.

As the gods tell,
How can the goal of self-interest
be have the form of loosing yourself.

As selfinterest is bound to
the feeling of happiness,
and the goal of happiness surpasss all.
As it gives the source of ultimate happiness,
to be a part of the universe.

As one say the universe is the lord most high,
As one say the universe is the Creator Brahma,
As one say the universe is Brahman,
As one say the universe is the Allmigthy One,
As one say the universe is the All-Creator.

For one reaches the goal,
who will haunt, who will offend.
As the godheads appraise a gift of oneself.

For one reaches Brahman by sincere prayer,
by the works of goodness,
and the method of meditation.

For a sanjasin marries Brahman, or the Param Atman,
So for having a relationship with the All-Creator.
Not wishing a nice lady as a partner,
but the godhead Herself.

As in teachings,
for male sanjasins Shiva is female,
and likewise for females.

As the dance of a godhead,
with the adept, and by prayer
as in coming close to each other.
With the fruits of wisdom,
and the eternal peace.