Upanishad on prayer

Teaching about prayer

The ultimate target of our life.

Let us praise the gods for their grace.
Let us praise the gods for their mercy.
Let us praise them for their gifts.

As religion is with the source
of godheads.

As we adress them with their names or titles.
As prayer gives the proof of their existence.

As we adress them with our wishes, our goals,
our worries and our suffering.

As we adress them with silence, with worldneeds,
and with the appraisal of their greatness.

As all the gods, give their mercy,
in the visibilty of their devoted ones.

As all the gods, are endowed with power.
As they adress them in the silence
of their awareness.

As the prayer for surrender or selfsacrifice,
is truly the gift of the soul to the godhead.

As the prayer for a lifetask or lifeplight
is truly the highest job attainable.

As the prayer for special gifts,
is truly a question for love.

As the prayer for teaching,
is truly the source of intelligence.

As the prayer to offer time,
to offer money, to offer status.
is to be praised.

As when one longs for the company
of the gods, and speaks like a
lifepartner with them.
They attain the goal.

As when one longs to be mated
to a godhead, truly attains their
attention, as a conversation without end.

As when one longs to have the lord
as his or her child, truly devotion
is rewarded.

May the godheads choose their devotion.
May the higher powers introduce the devoted ones.

As prayer is a source above our own willpower.
As prayer is a source granting above expectation.
As prayer is a source of wisdom, treasures and many
gifts of high worth.