Teaching of the feet of the guru

The ultimate target of our life.

Fisrt know brahman as everywhere, and everything.
First know brahman as existence and existing.

As the sugar in the water after solution is
not seen but is in the water as taste.

As salt in the water after solution
is not seen but is in the water as taste.

As Brahman is without name, without form.
As a king is served by his population,
As a king is with a title and adressed without name.

As Brahman is without form,
for it supercedes reality.
As reality is the biggest and greatest form.

As Brahman is without name,
resting with his appearance in his devotees.
filling them without changing their names.

As Brahman is without form,
he fills his devotees with his radiance,
but even then without form.

As life is a gift of the gods,
As life is guided by the angels,
As life is teached by the saints.

As searching for the gods,
is rewarded by finding them.

As searching for goodness,
is rewarded by finding goodness.

As searching for wisdom,
is rewarded by wisdom.

To teach the holy message,
is a task to be serious with.

To teach wisdom, is to
abide by the rules.

As Brahman is the ultimate godhead,
and Param Atman is the ultimate consciousness.

As Brahma is the Creator,
As Vishnu sustains all,
And Shiva, gives solution at the end.

As the All-Creator,
is the source of all religions.
And acts without form, without name.

As every moment is created by the All-Creator,
in all times, everywhere.

Know the All-Creator,
as greater than Krsna, as greater than Brahman.
as larger than the Param Atman, and the source of Brahma.

Know the All-Creator as the most
precious god, who is self-dependent.
Not to be reached by other religions
. But out of his mercy, adresses people.

As all that is created is self-aware
as it is in reality.

As above reality as created, by the All-Creator.
is the ultimate origin.

Als the All-Creator is teached by those
belonging to them, and in their mercy.

As a president can reward a soldier
for a very good task, with a medal of honor.

As a priest can reward a devotee
for a life full of grace with
the title of a saint.

As government can reward a politician,
with the title of coryfee.

As a king can reward with a medal
of high esteem.

Know the All-Creator,
without form as Brahman,
above Brahma as Creator,
As wise surpassing any teacher.

For having a relationship with the All-Creator
gives access to prayer and mercy.

For being property of the All-Creator,
Gives a lifetask and after life the reward,
in his resting place.

As the All-Creator has not rites and rituals.
As the All-Creator only has the right for communication.

Making all promises without worth,
Making all demands without voice,
Making all blessings without fixed form.

As The All-Creator, is to be granted out
of his own power. Yet devotees can ask him
to take an adept in power.

As the All-Creator,
surpasses all conceptions,
He is reached by sincere prayer.
He is reached by Heroeic good deeds.
He is reached by the power of oneness.

As the highest entity surpassing reality.
As trancending gods, is both inside and outside
the supreme reality the godhead.

Know the All-Creator as above reality,
having created the ultimate reality,
as inside reality the highest, as
within the ultimate reality,
the Creator, and highest adressable godhead.