Upanishad about Brahman

Know Him as Real

Is your Hands to Us

May Brahman, protect us.
May Brahman, Guide us.
May Brahman, teach us.

Brahman is to be understood.
Brahman when understood gives calmness.
Brahman when understood gives wisdom.
Brahman when understood gives fullfillment.

Brahman when teached,
receives the knowledge in the Atman.
receives the knowledge without hate, without grief.
receives te knowledge, to be teached to others.

Know the Atman, as the witness of life.
From moment to moment full awareness.

Know the Atman as bound to Maya,
to have moments of awareness.
to have moments immersed in thought.

Maya the illusion,
is both what does not exist.
As well as what exist on another time and place.

For When Atman is merged in reality,
with full awareness of the shared world,
It becomes Brahman.

Brahman, is full consciousness.
Brahman, is the witness.

For realising Brahman,
Makes conciousness one with the world.
The act of thinking being abjected.

Brahman, as the consciousness.
Of full reality.

As Brahman grants devotion.
As Brahman is the bond of reality.
As Brahman, is found by prolonged searching.

For realisation of Brahman is
to make Atman equal to Brahman.

with the support of Bhakti Yoga,
To surrender to the Godhead.

As to describe further.

As even humans, have the power of consciousness.
And all creatures at its core have Brahman,
as the ground under all.

The Creator Brahma, exists because of

The human at hand, exists because of

Every intelligent creature,
shares Brahman.

Therefore Brahman is the highest concept,
because its in Brahma, in Vishnu, in humans.
As its the ground of all reality.
From close by, to far away in the universe.