Support from above by Prayers

Prayer & Support

In hinduism there are several levels of support.
Ensured is that mantra's being evoked give the blessings of that mighty power.
Mantra's as being the names of the religious powers.

Mantra's have their form in visuality by yantra's which give the radiance of the power being illustrated.
Yantra's are from all known hindu powers and planets.

In hinduism, prayers as in every religion are used by the devotees to support living and rise to higher levels.

A couple of examples in praying. Prayers are these:

Pray to Dhanvantari / Dhanvantri to be healed from wounds, diseases, unhealthy sources.
Pray to Laksmi to grow in income & wealth and money.

The devotee using these sources of prayer has to get proof for him or herself.
If diseases heal or dissapear, unexpected money raise.

Use these sources for prayer in a wise manner.
They are the emeralds being given to us by them.

For every wise and good person once or more in life
is being haunted by bad forces, being men or invisible.

A good protection is to ask Krsna to take you in his
everlasting protection. Because all wise people should
be allowed to center fully to wisdom and prayer.

As everyone who does so, is being protected like
in the story in the bagvad gita

(Dhanvantri is the power of healing & Ayurveda branch of the vedas)
(Laksmi is the power of wealth and riches)

May Brahman & Brahma and Govinda Provide


For taking Krsna in prayer to be your King,
To be your Sheppard

As well to take Ambika as your mother,
For she is the divine Hindu Mother
in function to the universe