Param Atman: Supreme Being

Spirit of Purana

In the Purana the story about the tortoise
to be used for scientific reasons to get
the immortality elixer.

This elixer found by churning the oceans
by the use of a snake as a rope and
the tortoise to a spoon.

As they were churning
both the evil and the good
were using this method.

As tortoises can live around
two thousand years,
and by the scientific use
could give eternal life.

As the story in the purana
is told with figurative writing.

As we in this time when we would
discover a cure giving immortal life
to us. We would be amazed and give
it high price to sell it.

The purana is a story about the
hindu gods.

As to find this elixer is
for hindu's a quest.

The second part i read in the purana
was about the boar lifiting the
earth from the waterocean

As i inteprete that the boar
as an incarnation of Vishnu
was taking the earth from
a large cooperation in space
using water as a lifematerial
to be chemically altered.

This to subdue large regions
in space to work up water for them
and rewarding with a small fee.

As the boar was an incarnation
of Vishnu and in the purana
as story. this as the second
detail in the Bhagavata Purana.