Param Atman: Supreme Being

Devotion and Rituals.

The Param Atman is honored by the rituals as the devotees do everyday.
Honoring by being reverent to that High Power.

The Param Atman as supreme being, as supreme source of the reality.
The Param Atman, all devotees know he is the true and good power.

A couple of rituals are practised by the followers.
rituals to give the devotee a feeling of assurance.
rituals providing the devotee with the light of Param Atman.

One ritual, as i have learned in my youth is this:

the day is divided in parts.
As we wake up in the morning, as we go to sleep in the evening or night.
As we go to work, school or leisure. each part of the day has a purpose.
And the whole day is a part of our life as it is divided in weeks, months and years.

To give meaning to a day you might use these sayings, which are in sanskrit,
as salutations.
The start of a certain activity you can say; Om Param Atman Maneh Namah; Atah.
And at the end of an activity you can say; Om Param Atman Maneh Namah; Itih
In short omparamatmanenamah (ata/iti)

This ritual invites the light of the Supreme Being in your actions.
The Param Atman, his radiance.

By this invocation you dedicate your day to the Param Atman.

As the question about the birthright in a family.
as the family was devoted to eastern philospohy,

The wish of a boy to become a wise man,
and the wish to get a relationship with stability,
as some say a marriage of a life long.

A relationship with a godhead was made,
and the vow a prayer as none else heard.

A relationship in hinduism,
is called a sanjasin. if
vowed to a godhead.

As the wish of a mother,
to have the boy being a sanjasin.

As to grow in the knowledge of the relationship,
First a god, than the supreme power, allmigthy one.
And in the ultimate form the All-Creator.

May as the boy wish his relationship
be regarded with esteem.

As the wish to have a marriage with
a godhead, is invisible to the eye,
and not to be heard as the friend
at family parties.

In the opposite the boys
getting relationships and children
with mates.