Moksha - Self realization

Self realisation

The ultimate target of our life.
The goal of humanity.
The purpose of living.

That final act of Moksha.
It gives us the happiness as being promised in the Holy Scriptures.
It gives us the freedom of doing all things right in life.
It gives us wisdom, goodness and light.

Moksha is the act of self realisation, the act of enlightenment.
Moksha in the scriptures; it is realising you are not the doer.
In the scriptures it is making seer, seeing, and seen all to one.
It is erasing the duality and entering the non-dual state.
It is the vanishing of maya. the dreams during the day.

The fourth state; the goal of the human soul.
Getting to be one with reality.
The reality as its name is Brahman.
The reality as being created by Param Atman.

Moksha. the quest for happiness.
It is divided into three paths.

Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
and Jnana Yoga.

May the person who is unhappy with his own life,
step on the path of religion.
The hindu religion with its source in the upanishads,
being explained in short on this website.

The ultimate lesson,
to be one with Brahma the All-Creator
the highest being to be known
is to recite this mantra three times.

aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi

By reciting three times,
you are in complete property of Brahma.

Sometimes Brahman is stated higher than
brahma, but as the road is towards the goal,
you cannot reach the highest without intermediary steps.

Making yourself one with Brahma,
because he is the source of everything,
The first known thing in existence,
is stated as the ultimate step towards
non duality.

Aham means I, brahma means the Allcreator
and Asmi means I am.

Short insights
When you loose the feeling of doing things yourself,
You are one with the Allmighty one.

When you loose your Ego, by allowing it to give up

When you loose thinking about yourself
you realise your self to be one with
the universe.

When you end your search or quest for enlightenment
you reach the next step; being enlightened.

Some say when intense in prayer during days,
and suddenly giving it up; the next step
in stead of a step beneath.

Asking a life-ordeal of the Allmigthy One,
when asking and happening one knows for sure
to either survive it or getting in pain.

As devoted to the param atman,
and a teacher of eastern philospohy asks
to make the vow to param atman,from distance
and the perils of life, force to take over,
and the love for the gods grow by the day.
the vow to param atman is made.

As a fellow student in youth,
asks to accept the mercy of Krsna,
as withouth known reason,
the question when made to acceptance,
begot the positive answer.

As well a vague memory of the
Brahma sutra's about the last line
to be ready, as i think ready for brahma.
i was in remorse to not pledge allegiance
to the sutra and its source brahma.

As a nursery or school of early youth
teach the very young to live in the house of
brahman, later in life, the wish to live
in that beautifull house of brahman,
takes its wish. as its in the centre of the heart,
and as big as a small finger.

As life itself is not of worth,
because of the wishes being not perfect,
one searches for the gods,
and each mercy of religion is taken
as suffer and both love and wisdom
gives each step on the path,
the path to religious purpose.
Either happiness, meaning and enlightenment

As the core of enlightenment is the
bond you have with reality.
As a vast point in space and time.

The next prayer or question can support life

Brahman what or which is reality.

Because Brahman is the ultimate reality
it should give confirmation of
the reality you daily know.

As the solution to misery,
to surrender to the Param Atman.
To become a living instrument


As Brahman being nirguna without qualities.
As qualities of Brahman contain
the words as Omniscience, Omnipresence.

As Nirguna Brahman is the essence
or core, with its radiance being
the Allmightiness and Allcreatin

Saguna brahman is the omnipotence,
the Allcreator and the omniscience.

As nirguna Brahman is even above
those terms, those qualities.

But to reach Nirguna Brahman,
one needs to adress their
reverence to those qualities.

As to say being one with
Nirguna Brahman, gives
the grace of Brahman, without
intermediary qualities.

Therefore hindu sages can say
i'am Brahman.

As Brahman is without name and form,
its adapting the sage in its essence.

For without qualities no conditions
for rituals are in effect.

But to reach nirguna Brahman,
the insights that saguna
is with qualities and given
reverence to reach that
core that essence.

For the insights to be one
with Brahman, grows by
the path towards Him.

Of which Bhakti Yoga is
a part of it.

So to reach Brahman,
its qualities
consist of
Omnipotence, the quality.
All-Creator, the quality.

Addition 2

As the addition,

Brahman, being saguna named
by the Allmighty being Gayatri,

named saguna being the

And without qualities being
Nirguna Brahman.

As the radiances and qualities
being Gayatri the Omnipotence,
being Brahma the All-Creator.

Gayatri the Omnipotence
giving every being the power
at their place,
and their function in the hierarchy.

Brahma the All-Creator,
giving every being,
both awareness, body, instruments
and the insight of being alive,
and going from past to future.

These two qualities are
endowed on Brahman, by
identification and by radiance.

Learning about Brahman,
is through the qualities
of creation, power,
to the pure essence
being source.

Being source of all godheads.
For vaisnavis because of Brahman,
say Vishnu is highest.

For hare krsna's because of Brahman,
say Krsna is highest.

For christians because of Brahman,
say Christ at Allmighty is highest.

For the Omnipotence,
the All-Creator are named in
Hinduism. and attainable
by devotion.

Paragraph 4
Zij die zich aan de tijd overgeven
zullen het einde bereiken,
in tegenstelling tot diegenen,
die door de tijd hun
eigen wensen najagen,
Zij verkrijgen als beloning
de vervulling van hun wensen.