Moksha - Self realization

Self realisation

The ultimate target of our life.
The goal of humanity.
The purpose of living.

That final act of Moksha.
It gives us the happiness as being promised in the Holy Scriptures.
It gives us the freedom of doing all things right in life.
It gives us wisdom, goodness and light.

Moksha is the act of self realisation, the act of enlightenment.
Moksha in the scriptures; it is realising you are not the doer.
In the scriptures it is making seer, seeing, and seen all to one.
It is erasing the duality and entering the non-dual state.
It is the vanishing of maya. the dreams during the day.

The fourth state; the goal of the human soul.
Getting to be one with reality.
The reality as its name is Brahman.
The reality as being created by Param Atman.

Moksha. the quest for happiness.
It is divided into three paths.

Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
and Jnana Yoga.

May the person who is unhappy with his own life,
step on the path of religion.
The hindu religion with its source in the upanishads,
being explained in short on this website.

The lessons i learned:
For the soul: Aham Brahmanasmi and Aham paramatman-asmi
for the body: Aham surya-asmi.
and the combination of godheads and aham and asmi.