Param Atman: Supreme Being

Karma Yoga

the purpose of creating good karma;
which leads to the goal of being a saint or charya.
The goal to proceed to better lives.
The next incarnations which leads to moksha.

Karma means a good deed.
And karma yoga is the act of doing good.
The act of charity, compassion, filantropy.

Karma Yoga;
for people who are rich it is the source of their happiness.
for people who are poor it may be the source of lifeimprovement.
For all beings it is a step on the road to a good life.

Karma Yoga;
If it is believed that human souls are life after life creating the fruits of karma,
it is the sole purpose to reach that ultimate goal where no karma is created,
and the soul is on the last step on the road.
After which the incarnating stops. After which the soul gets liberated.

Karma Yoga; There is no trick to know where on this path you stand.
There is no trick to pretend good deeds; for the Creator sees your intentions.