Hymne:Attaining peace

Attaining the goal of peace

The sound of silent prayer,

When longing for riches, i gave a ring of gold.
When longing for fame, i gave a musician thousands of fans.
When longing for karma, i gave thousands of adepts the gift of a wish.

As attaining the goal, is reaching out,
like a child to his father.

As attaining the goal,
is falling out of the birds nest
into society.

As attaining the goal,
is to trust the source.
the source of unknown gifts.

As attaining te goal,
is living in the attention of the gods.

As attaining the goal,
gives precious gifts of unexpected
manifold form.

The goal to be described,
One says fysical health.
One says thoughts of deep knowledge.
One says the soul with society as peace.

The goal to be described,
To be rich, to have fame, to be strong.

By prayer, a higher source is explored.
By prayer, we ask for alms.
By prayer, we ask for wisdom, teaching.
By prayer, we ask for kindness, gifts.

As prayer, for a lifetask,
As prayer for the guidance of our spirits.
As prayer, for self-sacrifice.

By prayer we learn to love,
By prayer, we see the from come visible.
As a painting of rembrandt,
looking in the silver mirror,
and giving a glance of the painter.

By prayer, by asking a lifetask,
we pay our debt to the Creator.
And with everlasting service,
we earn both salary and gifts.

By prayer,
as the gift of oneself,
as the highest property,
to the Godheads,
We reach our peace of heart,
by the blessing of them ruling life.

The blessing of surrender,
is followed by the flowers of beauty.

The blessing of selfsacrifice
is followed by the eternal fruits.
Of a tree yet unknown.

The blessing of the threefold yoke or plight,
is followed by the peace of the soul,
the health of a body, and the riches of the mind.

As the goal is longed for by many,
As the goal gives form to each devoted one.
As the goal, has a name among all of them.

As a hymn on the goal,
who reaches out after hearing about,
who jumps the path to peace after reading,
who after invisible guidance steps on the path.

A path of prayer,
A path of communication,
A path of friendship with the godheads.

As prayer,
is talking,
is talking with,
is talking with invisible, unknown sources.
As the source of godheads is without form.

One say, the godhead is Jesus Christ,
One say, the godhead, is Krsna,
One say, the godhead is Brahma,
And all gods have their names in the list.
With my special name i pray to,
the All-Creator, as the mother of the Allmighthy One.