Mercy of Govinda

Govinda and the Holy Cow

In all religions the wisdom is partly
by describing as equations

As in hinduism
the story about Krsna
who dances at night with the gopi's
As he is the most perfect being,
according to the scriptures.

As every religion,
has a kind of equation to tell
about religion

As Govinda, the shepherd
keeps his cows safe.

And in india still cows are partly
respected, as because of the equation.

To accept Govinda as Shepherd,
is the same idea as in christian
writings to accept Jesus as shepherd.

As in some hindu scriptures,
about four hundred million
persons are protected by Govinda
as in the equation of the cows.

As with a shepherd, keeps his
herd safe from all peril.

For when Govinda grants someone
to pray about surrender or self-sacrifice.
What will happen with one who reaches the
act of Surrender through prayer.

Will he or she become a good servant,
as an angel passing by and reaching
the abode of Govinda.

As govinda tells to surrender
is an act of selfless love