Brahman Upanishad

Brahman Upanishad

To reach Brahman
is a quest of honesty.

To reach Brahman
is a quest of sincerity.

To reach Brahman
is to be conecentrated at the goal.

Sincere Effort gives the fruits
to walk the path

Sincere effort gives the devotion
to reach the goal.

Sincere effort sacrifices all
that is hindering the path.

Sincere effort teaches everything
needed to progress.

For Brahman unfolds his name
by those keeping their fate.

For Brahman is the holy teacher.
For Brahman is the provider.

For Brahman,
he is above all gods.
he is supreme.

For Brahman,
is reached,
and he promises
that once reached
the path is cleaned.

For Brahman,
is reached,
he promises to
relieve all debts
when he is reached.

For its a promise,
and the proof is
in the lives of all the
ones having reached.

As Brahman is above
all gods, like
Vishnu, Krsna, Ganesha,
Rama and goddesses
like Gayatri, Sarasvati,
Laksmi and others.

As Brahman, is to be

As He is above all,
and reveals his name,
when reality without
boundaries is not understood.

As he reveals his mercy and grace
and nowhere is told which
qualities he posseses.

As we offer all our riches
to that Brahman

As we offer all our grace
to that Brahman.

As we offer all our time
to that Brahman,

We even give our lives
to his Grace.

We even grant our souls
in his Hands.

As we love with the
feelings of being
totally dependent on Him.

As our love is as the flame,
which is burning out
of his Radiance.

As we long for his
support when we are
in danger, still
without knowing
when he shows his mercy.

In his Fate,
may he grant us wellbeing

When on the side of the ravine,
where is he.

For predators sometimes get close,
when he will rescue.