Param Atman: Supreme Being

Bhakti Yoga

This Yoga; or Experience in life is about
confessing that ultimate being exists.
confessing that ultimate being is approachable in prayer.
confessing that life can be improved by prayers.

Bhakti is the devotion to the Supreme Being.
Bhakti is devotion to the Supreme Reality.

Bhakti yoga,
it is surrendering your own willpower to the one most high.
It is knowing that he, will give what is right,
when we ask Him.

Bhakti yoga.
by prayer we invite that Supreme being in our lives.
by prayer we learn and experience His Light.
by prayer we have a chance to end the wheel of samsara
by prayer we resolve bad karma; create goodness.
by prayer we improve our society and civilisation.

the ultimate goal of bhakti is the sacrifice of our soul.
The gift of your being to the Supreme Soul.
The gift being done by Prayer and Meditation.

Prayer to be honest citizen of the Netherlands