Param Atman: Supreme Being

Bhakti Yoga

This Yoga; or Experience in life is about
confessing that ultimate being exists.
confessing that ultimate being is approachable in prayer.
confessing that life can be improved by prayers.

Bhakti is the devotion to the Supreme Being.
Bhakti is devotion to the Supreme Reality.

Bhakti yoga,
it is surrendering your own willpower to the one most high.
It is knowing that he, will give what is right,
when we ask Him.

Bhakti yoga.
by prayer we invite that Supreme being in our lives.
by prayer we learn and experience His Light.
by prayer we have a chance to end the wheel of samsara
by prayer we resolve bad karma; create goodness.
by prayer we improve our society and civilisation.

the ultimate goal of bhakti is the sacrifice of our soul.
The gift of your being to the Supreme Soul.
The gift being done by Prayer and Meditation.

May Param Atman protect me, May he nourish me, May i be devoted

By prayer and self-sacrifice reaching the abode of Brahman,
to be of service, and to be intertwined.

For Brahman is the true source of the hindu
religion, and only by devotion one
reaches this.

As Brahman is the supreme reality,
which by devotion gets form
letting one know more and more
what is means to be one.

As by silent prayer,
one is in unity with Brahman.

As by surrender and sacrifice
one gets in unity with this source,

As to become a living instrument,
and the task to fullfill,
each moment is again a revelation.

Additional insights
The gods, being Brahman, Brahma, Krishna, Ganesha, Rama,
The goddesses being Sarasvati, Laksmi, Gayatri, Parvati,

Gayatri being the Almighty one or omnipotence,
Brahma being the All-Creator,
And Brahman the pure being of consciousness.

The Path of Bhakti

For the path of Bhakti is the
final act of selfless love

For the path of Bhakti is the
last deed to be done

For the path of Bhakti
shows the love and devotion
to the Supreme Godhead.

From the path of Bhakti,
the road as self-revealing
light, as the darkness
of the world gives one
the things most ones
wish for.
money, fame, beauty.

The path of Bhakti,
by prayer and growing
in the light of the godhead.

The goal to say
You are my life,
You are my soul.

As Brahman is pure consciousness,
the Brahman gets the bond,
by being pure consciousness yourself.

As abjecting the thought process,
and to surrender to reality.

Without thoughtprocess,
accepting all in reality,
the contact with Brahman
is growing and secured.

All normal godheads,
by prayer and service being
connected, and allowing
people to divert from reality
to either hold wishes alive,
or to have a moment of pleasure
A fantasy, daydream or such

And Brahman, when one gets pure
awareness, grants his connection
to be the source of prayer, service
and the act of life.