Param Atman: Supreme Being

The Param Atman.

May he be the reverent source of our religious practice.
May he be the refuge of the times for all living beings.
May he grant us wellbeing and wisdom.
May he bestow his mercy on us all.

The Param Atman,
Param means; trancending or exceeding the normal world.
Atman means; the consciousness; awareness; body of a living being.
Together these words mean the Trancending lord or being.
The being, as the source of our humanity.
The being, as explained in the scriptures ( isa upanishad; Bhagvag Gita; Purana's)

May the Param Atman;
be worshiped by all who know his radiance.
be worshiped by all who has seen his light.

The Param atman as the source of our prayers.
The Param atman as the source of our meditation.
The Param atman as the source of our charity.

As the Param Atman is understood, to be
the highest and greatest form of consciousness.
As His consicousness, fills all reality.
And surpasses it. Into the Eternity, and Vastness
beyond measure.

Important Mantra's

For increasing your intelligence
say repeatedly: Sat Chit Ananda

For giving unity with Brahma say three times:
Aham Brahmasmi

To fill your intelligence with brahma
say three times:
Om Sat Chit Ekam Brahma

When full of thoughts say at every thought
Neti Neti

When in doubt of peace recite
Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti

Sometimes when someone is without
growth at the spiritual path,
and the surrounding is about expelling him or her.

To ease the lower karma,
let someone dedicate the meditation
a couple of times to that one.

By this the minimum karma is
transferred to give good karma.

Why this rule? Because some are in
favor of the gods, and need a visible
As with the example on a meal
that you give to the others and not
to yourself, some people cannot
out of selfish wishes step on the road
of devotion.

On Godheads
Brahma the Creator,
Shiva the destroyer,
and Vishnu.

By saying the creator only at beginning of time
created everything is a presumption being false.

Because he Creates, is a everlasting proces.
Each moment again and again is created by Him.

Shiva would ony destroy at the end of time,
therefore not a full godhead, for he then would
be without work the most of time.
So he dissolutes every moment.
To destroy what endured its karma.

Vishnu as preserver, the Allmighty one
is constant repairing, recreating
what is being damaged. therefore
an everlasting deed.

So Brahma creates every moment
again and again,

Vishnu within Creation, hears
prayers, and heals what is broken.

Therefore Brahma is the highest Godhead
of Hinduism. And is therefore the
closest to Brahman, as some say

Brahman is without name and form,
but Brahma knew him first, therefore
the similarity in name.

Therefore Brahma is the All-Creator.
Creating every moment, the total universe
As well our earth being part of it.

Brahman and the godheads

As the All-Creator every moment
brings forth all that is existing.
with the consciousness and awareness
by which they are endowed, together
with intelligence, feeling and insight
on living.

The All-Creator, within reality
creates everything.

As Reality is the substratum of
what exists,
for one knows another by reality.
And one exists within the boundaries
of reality.

As Brahma, the highest known godhead
is within reality the ultimate creator.

And therefore reality without known form,
because there is no larger than It,
so it is without boundaries, therefore
without form.

As Brahman the substratum of reality,
is the largest, and the first source,
because Brahma the Creator
is the first to be named. as he Creates,
and without others given Him the name,
is the one who named Himself.

As Brahma is the Creator and within
reality Creates all and everything.

The reality as being the source of
all the godheads, for Brahman holds
all godheads, is without name.
For there is no bigger, no earlier,
no other than Brahman,
So he is without name.

Brahman therefore created the Gods,
and is the supreme reality.

Not being only a high level of reality,
because then there would be a fight
between layers in reality.
As the total of reality is named
Brahman, there is no power bigger, elsewhere
then It.

Brahman is called IT, because
its the reality, and with no
known form, and no known name,
its not a He or She.